The Process

The Process: Creating Your Bespoke Poem

1. Choose the type of Bespoke Poem you would like!

There are two types of Bespoke Poems that we offer:

‘Affirmation’ Bespoke Poem

Option to choose any name you would like on the poem and 3 words to describe/affirm/compliment yourself or someone else. SE then takes the time to break down each of the 3 words you chose and create a unique stanza (AKA poem verse) for each word to create a work of art.

The ‘Affirmation’ bespoke Poem also comes in 3 types but follows the same format as above:

‘I am…’  Affirm yourself or gift to someone else where they can use the poem to declare these affirmations over themselves daily!

‘You are…’ to gift to somebody you care about, compliment what you love about them with this option!

‘We are…’ This poem is best suited for married couples and families. You can affirm your own union/household or gift to a newlywed couple as a wedding gift or anniversary gift!


‘Define’ Bespoke Poem 

Option to choose any name you would like on the poem and one word to describe/affirm/compliment yourself or someone else! SE then writes the poem with this word being at the centre of inspiration.

This poem is a wonderful reminder of the uniqueness of the individual as well as to propel them into their destiny.


2. Make it special!

Choose the name, colour choice and any word(s) of your choice by filling in the boxes on the product page of the bespoke poem you would like!

There is no limit to the type of word(s) you choose, are only request is that you be kind and dream big! 

Think about what you would want to visualise/serve as reminder about yourself daily. Whether a reminder of your dream career or a key attribute, this poem will allow you to never forget you were destined for greatness.

Some examples of words our customers have chosen include: beautiful, intelligent, entrepreneurial, creative, artistic… and of course it can be career/dream related- from interior designer to psychologist. Dream big! The sky is not the limit, the mind is!


3. SE Creates Your Bespoke Poem.

Original. Prophetic. Creative. These are our values where every poem SE creates flows through. Discover more about our values here.


The process

  • Lets delve deeper into these words!
  • It all begins with delving into the meaning behind the words you have chosen. Having a very analytical mind with a love for research, SE dissects the word(s) you chose for your poem and mind maps its meaning, synonyms and any other revelations that come to mind when dissecting the word(s).

  • Affirming your original design!
  • Picture this. A waterfall of living water overflowing with everything you need to be who you were created to be and live out your destiny. The thing is, you already are the individual of your dreams, you just have to awaken what is within. As well as wash out any lies and negative perceptions and words that do not align with your original design.

    This is the most important part of SE’s process. Being a woman of faith, as a believer, she believes in the importance of words in framing our worlds. Taking the position of intercession, SE prayerfully affirms your original design through inspiration from The Word of God, gaining a prophetic picture of who you are and always were before the foundations of the earth. 

  • Let the creativity flow!
  • Time to frame your original design through poetry. SE focuses on Imagery so you can visualise how unique you are and see your destiny come to pass! Likewise, using a range of poetic techniques including personification, metaphors, similes, rhyme (of course!) and more really brings your original design to life and makes it easy to visualise who you aspire to be daily!


    4. Emailed to you for approval.

    If you selected the option to approve the poem, we will send you an email with a link to a Google form with a proof of your Bespoke Poem. 

    You can either approve or reject the poem, where you can then suggest any possible amendments. We will ensure you are completely happy with your poem before sending it out to you! PS: All of our customers so far have been amazed by the first draft!

    Please keep an eye on your Junk folder & add us to your safe sender’s list! 


    5. Framed, Packaged & Shipped.

    You have the option to decide whether to receive your Bespoke Poem as a print or to be framed by us.

    Once approved, we will print & frame your Bespoke poem (if selected). This will then be packaged beautifully so it is ready to be gifted if desired and safely shipped to you using Royal Mail Tracked service or DPD tracked for larger packages. You can tick ‘send item as gift’ at checkout and fill in the personalised note if you wish as well as send your poem directly to the gift recipient (just input their address instead of yours)!