Our Vision

Hello Visionary,

It’s time to become all that you were created to be.

‘Created with you in mind, made to frame your original design.’

This is the mission of SE. 

Everything we create is designed to empower you to bridge the gap between your current self and your original design.

Your original design is the best version of you, where you don’t just dream about it but live out your destiny, all that you were created to be, before the foundations of the earth.


Our Values

Original. Prophetic. Creative. These are our values where everything that SE creates flows through. 

Original- There’s only one of you. You are an original. So, of course when you purchase an SE bespoke poem, there will be no one else in this world that has the same Poem as you. After all, this was written for you.

Prophetic- Taking inspiration from Heaven, SE’s creativity flows from above where these words are not limited by the parameters of this world. Instead, they are eternal and come from above, being inspired by The Word of God.

Creative- Did you know that you are poetry? You are a masterpiece, a work of art. So it only makes sense for your design to be summarised creatively in poetry.

The Artist

Shola Ejegi (SE) is an artist, poet and educator. She is also a Christian. Shola believes that God created each individual with a unique design and purpose before the foundations of the earth. Her hope is that her art and poetry will help you to see that you are indeed a masterpiece.

Shola is passionate about people living out their unique purpose, the renewal of the mind and healing by getting to the root of the issue as well as justice.

At SE, we hope to combine these passions and values to create an environment for the individual to flourish in their unique identity.



Shola xx